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Patient Review By Anita

I am very nervous at the dentist and they made the experience so easy and absolutely no pain!

- Anita

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Patient Review By Amy D

Dr. Benjamin and his staff are amazing. Getting this root canal was easier than getting a filling done! No pain. Dr. Benjamin gave me the shot to get numb, and I hardly felt it. He is awesome. His assistant Kili was so nice and made me feel so comfortable. She offered for me to watch Netflix while I had my work done. The tv is on the ceiling so it was perfect. Tina greeted me by name when I walked in and had a smile on her face. Everyone is so happy here.

- Amy D

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Patient Review By Monica R

My 18 yr old granddaughter needed 4 root canals in October and November 2022 and had not been to a dentist for 6 years. She was very fearful and is sensitive to high levels of auditory and visual stimulation. Dr. Benjamin and his staff were especially careful to explain each step to her and to check how she was feeling as the procedures progressed. Pre-op medication was provided to reduce anxiety. They grouped the procedures to complete two root canals at each visit. I was allowed to stay in the room most of the time and to hold her hand when needed. I would not go anywhere else for endodontist care. I am thrilled that my granddaughter is without pain and that her crowns were fitted perfectly at follow up with our dentist given the prep that Dr. Benjamin did.

- Monica R

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Patient Review By Sharon H

If you need an endodontic specialist they are highly recommended!

- Sharon H

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Patient Review By Julie S

I had a scheduled root canal with Dr. Fabian. Checking in with Nikki was very easy, she made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. My appointment was at 1:00, I arrived at 12:50 and was out of the chair by 1:40. Kili was Dr. Fabian's assistant and was very reassuring from the time I sat in the chair until the procedure was finished. She was very proficient, she and Dr. are a very good team. Dr. Fabian was wonderful, I cannot say enough how reassuring he is and makes you feel at ease. I chose to return to this office as Dr. Fabian and his staff were so very helpful to my daughter when she had to have endo treatment years ago and will recommend them to anyone who needs to see an Endodontist.

- Julie S

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Patient Review By Kari S

Nikki Haley also did a fabulous job at going over all of my insurance questions and explaining billing. She was kind, thorough and understanding of my needs as it related to insurance and billing. I highly recommend Midwest Endo!

- Kari S

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Patient Review By Kent B

I have another appointment coming soon,and, this sounds weird but I'm actually looking forward to it. Not only because I know I'll get treated very well but also because these are quality professionals.

- Kent B

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Patient Review By Cara S

Our 11 year old son had a root canal done with Dr. Fabian and he was amazing. Our son had a lot of anxiety and Dr and assistant did a great job explaining everything they did and were very compassionate and gentle. Our son gave a thumbs up throughout the procedure and left smiling and saying how easy it was! Thanks Dr. Fabian for a great experience.

- Cara S

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Patient Review By Tania D

Nikki was SO awesome to work with at the front desk. She was patient with any questions I had to ask. Dr. Fabian and Tabeth were AMAZING in the room. They communicated with me through the whole procedure. The BEST part was watching TV with headphones on! Thank you Midwest Endodontic Specialist Staff ( Nikki, Tabeth, and Fabian) for making this a EASY process!!!

- Tania D

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Patient Review By John C

My doctor was Dr. Stephen Benjamin. He was the best! Professional all the way. Very knowledgeable about everything. His nurse was fabulous also. When I go back to my dentist in Galesburg I do not have to tell him anything, my records and xrays are sent to him directly. So, if you need a root canal Midwest and Dr. Benjamin and staff are the best. Wish they took CareCredit for more than 6 months.

- John C

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Patient Review By CINDY B

Was nervous in what to except and in what pain/discomfort there would be, but everyone was relaxed which helped me to relax, explained everything about what was to happen including showing me my "before" X-rays. Had a TV mounted overhead so keep me/patient distracted, which did help. Overall, didn't even feel the "pinch" of the needles" nor was there any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards, Dr. Hosein showed me the "after" X-rays, explaining what had been done. Staff then went over what I had to do when I got home. Easiest procedure I've ever had done, and I will request Dr. Hosein if I ever had to go through this again.


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Patient Review By Cheri H

Dental work in general gives me a bit of anxiety and I am sure I am not alone. At 51 my warranty seems to have expired on some things including that saucy minx of a tooth #30. Here's the good news! A root canal with Dr. Benjamin was truly nothing, I repeat nothing to be afraid of. I was unique in the case that I had to wait through 2 covid exposures, a case of tmj, an unexpected trip out of town and another appointment to the dentist before getting to Midwest Endodontic. Their front desk staff including Tina were all gems. They checked in with a cancellation possibility and Dr. Benjamin even called me to be sure that I had all that I needed and was ok during my wait. By the time I got there I trusted them to have my best interest at heart and was good to go. With hgtv playing on the ceiling, headphones in my ears and sunglasses covering my eyes, the time in the chair was really so much better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you Dr. Benjamin and his assistant Kili. Sincerely, thank you. I am so relived to have this root canal done and to know should I have to have another, you are around to take care of me. A necessary bit of life are these dental procedures. I put on my big girl pants, walked on in to their office and was leaving within an hour. I am confident you would do the same. Unless you are a man then don't put on your big girls pants but go none the less. 🙂 Bless 🙂

- Cheri H

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Patient Review By Angie A

I would highly recommend Midwest Endodontic for anyone in need of an endodontist. Everyone is so helpful and on top of things. Very efficient and helpful!

- Angie A

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Patient Review By Robin R

I was having two root canals done at the same time. I had some anxiety going in for the procedure. Honestly it was an amazingly pleasant and relaxing experience. If it wasn't required to be somewhat alert I could have napped during the root canals. I applaud the entire office and would never have any worries going back. Thank you Midwest Endodontic Specialists!

- Robin R

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Patient Review By Linda F

Having a root canal done can become very stressful when you think of what the procedure entails. I was quickly and painlessly numbed then in just an hour I was out the door with the procedure completed. Jamie had everything ready for when Dr. Benjamin came in to do the procedure. They both made the procedure quick and I was happy to be in no pain. Alex at the front desk was very professional and I would recommend Midwest Endodontic Specialist, Ltd. to anybody who needs dental work.

- Linda F

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Patient Review By PAMELA L

I have a real fear of anyone working on my teeth, but let me tell you the office staff is awesome, and Dr. Fabian was awesome. If I need more work done on my teeth, I will return to this office, and request Dr. Fabian. Thanks to all of you for making my experience as easy as possible.


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Patient Review By Sharon R

This was my first root canal and I was very apprehensive. The procedure was not bad at all. I had no pain during or after the procedure. Dr Benjamin and staff were very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

- Sharon R

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Patient Review By Karen R

I was apprehensive about having a root canal, but it turned out to be one of the easiest dental procedures I've ever had. I had absolutely no pain during the procedure or after. I was expecting discomfort to occur after the numbness wore off, but had none. Dr. Benjamin did a fantastic job along with his assistant, Caitlin. They worked quickly and flawlessly together. Also, the front desk clerk, Alex, took care of submitting my insurance promptly and was very friendly. Don't let the words, "root canal" scare you. They have mastered their craft into a painless experience. My thanks to everyone at Midwest Endodontic Specialists, Ltd.

- Karen R

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Patient Review By J.Bradley P

I am SO glad to have Dr.'s Fabian Hosein & Stephen Benjamin available here in my home town of Peoria,Il. I am very much "at ease" when I am in their care. I would have never guessed I could have root canal therapy performed while I watched a movie with cordless headphones.........Where else could one go & have this much fun!

- J.Bradley P

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Patient Review By Teri D

Having a root canal was not on my bucket list, but Midwest Endo certainly made my first experience pain-free and anxiety-free. Dr. Fabian and Caitlin were extremely skilled and unbelievably fast...the whole procedure from start to finish was over in less than an hour...and Alex was efficient and professional in answering my many questions. Nikki was amazing and I can't thank her enough for going above and beyond to help and guide me throughout the entire process, she is the best!

- Teri D

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