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Patient Review By Karen R

I was apprehensive about having a root canal, but it turned out to be one of the easiest dental procedures I've ever had. I had absolutely no pain during the procedure or after. I was expecting discomfort to occur after the numbness wore off, but had none. Dr. Benjamin did a fantastic job along with his assistant, Caitlin. They worked quickly and flawlessly together. Also, the front desk clerk, Alex, took care of submitting my insurance promptly and was very friendly. Don't let the words, "root canal" scare you. They have mastered their craft into a painless experience. My thanks to everyone at Midwest Endodontic Specialists, Ltd.

- Karen R

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Patient Review By J.Bradley P

I am SO glad to have Dr.'s Fabian Hosein & Stephen Benjamin available here in my home town of Peoria,Il. I am very much "at ease" when I am in their care. I would have never guessed I could have root canal therapy performed while I watched a movie with cordless headphones.........Where else could one go & have this much fun!

- J.Bradley P

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Patient Review By Teri D

Having a root canal was not on my bucket list, but Midwest Endo certainly made my first experience pain-free and anxiety-free. Dr. Fabian and Caitlin were extremely skilled and unbelievably fast...the whole procedure from start to finish was over in less than an hour...and Alex was efficient and professional in answering my many questions. Nikki was amazing and I can't thank her enough for going above and beyond to help and guide me throughout the entire process, she is the best!

- Teri D

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Patient Review By Janet W

The staff was very professional and courteous. I have never had a more positive experience with the staff and Dr. Fabian was the most excellent Dr. The staff made me feel at ease. Thank you Dr. Fabian and Kili for taking excellent care of me while in the chair! Thank you Nikki and Alex at the front desk for your professionalism and promptness! I would recommend this facility to everyone. I was in and out with a root canal with little to no pain in an hour and they didn't even mess up my lipstick. 🙂

- Janet W

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Patient Review By Jeanie R

The overall atmosphere in the office was one of efficiency with consideration and care to the patient's needs. I was fifteen minutes early for my appointment. They were ready for me when I walked through the door. The entire process took no more than 45 minutes. My last root canal was close to 20 years ago. The equipment has improved dramatically since then. I have always been a little freaked out by dental drilling sounds. I appreciated being able to watch TV with headphones while the root canal was happening. The earphones muffled the outside noises and I was completely relaxed.

- Jeanie R

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Patient Review By Jenny O

Everyone from Nikki at the front desk to Jamie in clinical were so helpful from the beginning of my visit to the end. Everyone was so accommodating and my procedure was painless! Thank you all for your great work you do. Thank you again Dr. Hosein!!

- Jenny O

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Patient Review By Marcy N

I have anxiety with dental procedures.. Dr Benjamin explained everything well, kept me informed of the progress as he worked, told me how long things would last, and I did not feel anything!!! Even the 3 injections, including 1 in roof of my mouth. He is very skilled, kind ...wonderful!! Definitely recommend him/them. (Both Dr's are excellent) . The entire staff happily answered all my questions.. and his assistant, Kili, was more than happy to fulfill my requests (for music, for letting me sit up vs lay back while waiting for the novicaine to take effect , etc) great people!!! It is very obvious they love what they do... very compassionate. Thank you, Dr Benjamin & staff!

- Marcy N

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Patient Review By Patricia W

This office was CLOSED, and yet they opened on a Saturday afternoon because I was in pain - Who does that these days ? Dr Benjamin was excellent and Julie too - compassionate - no pain at all ! I highly recommend them to everyone! You don’t find a business anymore like this one that goes beyond like they did !

- Patricia W

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Patient Review By Robin P

Staff was very nice Dr. Fabian explained everything to me before and after the procedure which I appreciate. First time having a root canal and I was very nervous but I never felt a thing. No pain and very comfortable throughout the process.

- Robin P

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Patient Review By Mica L

Amazing care. I was comfortable the whole time thanks to Dr.Fabian. Nikki and tabetha were also so friendly!!

- Mica L

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Patient Review By Hannah M

I would absolutely recommend Midwest Endodontic Specialists to anyone needing root canal therapy or a root canal retreatment. I made the mistake of going to a different endodontist for my first root canal, and after having a terrible experience that left me in pain for almost a week and worried I might have to have my tooth extracted, I came to Midwest Endo for retreatment. Dr. Fabian assured me that my tooth would not have to be extracted, and that he would be able to do a root canal retreatment in order to save my tooth. Dr. Fabian was kind, understanding, and made sure I had a positive, pain-free experience, and that I understood what was going on with my tooth. He is an extremely skilled and experienced endodontist, and I was confident that I was in the right hands. The retreatment procedure itself was pain-free, and I even got to watch HGTV while the procedure was being done! It's so thoughtful that patients have the option of watching TV on the ceiling; it helped to put me at ease and make me more comfortable. Dr. Fabian and the rest of the staff were courteous, kind, and professional at all times, and I am confident that my tooth has been taken care of properly. I hope I will not need another root canal soon, but if I do, I will come back to Midwest Endo in a heartbeat! They are truly the best of the best.

- Hannah M

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Patient Review By Jenny V

In any case of emergency need or general endodontic care you must see Dr. Hosein. The office runs with great efficiency and is quite sensitive to your families wellbeing. I appreciate the prompt assistance to check my insurance benefit to further prepare for the visit.

- Jenny V

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Patient Review By Darlene B

I had Tabetha and Alex with me when I had my root canal done. I was very skeptical when I got there because I thought I would be bored with it all. But I was pleasantly surprised. They made me relax and the whole thing was easy and did not take long at all. I love the music atmosphere and could have watched something on Netflix with the tv on the ceiling. That was so cool. But I loved the music station and went with that. It was a good experience. Thank you Tabetha and Alex.

- Darlene B

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Patient Review By Elizabeth Q

From the moment I walked into the door to the moment I walked out was above and beyond service. No one should ever be scared of a root canal, especially if they go to Midwest endodontics! Everything ran smoothly and every single member of the staff displayed over the top professionalism, customer service, and quality care. They even had a TV on the ceiling with noise-canceling headphones and I almost fell asleep. If you need a root canal, Dr. Ben is your man and Midwest Endodontics is your place!!!

- Elizabeth Q

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Patient Review By Larry S

I had only had one other root canal in my life (not by this group) to compare. At this office there was no pain and I have very sensitive teeth. Very kind very efficient . I cant thank you enough. I highly recommend this group.

- Larry S

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Patient Review By Joy S

Caitlin and Nikki were awesome. Very caring and very knowledgeable! Just so nice and made me feel at ease...I was very very anxious about having this procedure. Dr. Fabian was also Awesome! Kind, caring, explained everything and I was not in pain at all during the procedure. Had earphones on and watched TV. Just close your eyes and pretend you are home laying on your couch watching TV and before you know it ... it's all done!

- Joy S

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Patient Review By Tom D

I was most impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail. The entire staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable at all times. Dr. Benjamin was very informative and answered all questions to my satisfaction both before and after the procedure. Dr. Benjamin also kept me informed of our progress during the entire procedure.

- Tom D

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Patient Review By Karen H.

I had a Root canal for cracked tooth that would not otherwise be easily diagnosed because isn’t visible to naked eye or on X-ray. Midwest was able to save the tooth and ease pain. I didn’t feel ANYthing during the procedure (including the dreaded Novocain shot). Everything Dr. Hosein did was explained in detail before, during & after. What sets this group apart is the level of skill/ ability to save teeth/ their techniques and technology and compassion for patients. Truly remarkable/ don’t see much anymore in healthcare industry.

- Karen H.

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Patient Review By Richard B

I always heard horror stories about the root canal procedure and went into this with a lot of anxiety. I was not at all familiar with this practice or the procedure, and I couldn't believe how painlessly and comfortable the procedure went. The entire staff was great! I hope I never need another one, but if I do, it will be performed by this office.

- Richard B

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Patient Review By Fred W

This was really a great experience. Dr. Benjamin and his staff took plenty of time diagnosing my pain so that they treated the exact problem--no hit and miss. He figured it out correctly and treated me promptly. The procedure was less painful than expected and brought great relief. The staff is super nice and efficient as well. Very friendly and professional. Great people!

- Fred W

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