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Patient Review By Frank R

Tough to get old and have your teeth start to talk back to you for all the years of grinding that they have had to put up with. If you have to have a root canal done, the Midwest Endodontic folks are the best. This wash my second one and both have been very successful and were painless except for the initial numbing shot. Absolutely, Dr. Fabian for President!

- Frank R

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Patient Review By John

I have seen Dr. Fabian for the dreaded root canal. He is amazing at what he does and has the most pleasant bedside manner. His personality is a wonderful complement to what he does. He explained the entire procedure and puts your mind at ease. It was done without any discomfort and performed very quickly. I have had a root canal in another office and it doesn't compare. His staff is friendly and they all function great together. You can tell they have done these procedures a lot. The entire treatment is even done with a microscope. Definitely A+++.

- John

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Patient Review By Andrea S

I was very impressed with the level of customer service and care provided by Dr. Benjamin. He met me for an emergency appointment on a day off and provided the immediate relief that was needed. I highly recommend Dr. Benjamin!

- Andrea S

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Patient Review By Bruce Dudley e

Bed side manner was wonderful. They understood my issues and made the procedure a God sent, as I had NO PAIN after the root canal, not even the day after.

- Bruce Dudley e

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Patient Review By Debbie G

I have had 5-6 root canals in the past. In fact this one was a repair of one done previously. I told Dr Benjamin that this was the easiest one I have ever had. He responded with "Really, this was one of the most challenging for me". They placed a hard rubber device in my mouth to help keep my mouth opened as they wanted which was a great help in keeping mouth open for so long and really could relax because of it. They placed a big rubber band over the entire area of the tooth and mouth which was great to help keep all the water used from choking. (I have never had this before). Then they x-rayed 3 different times to make sure they got the entire area covered. Dr. Benjamin also used like a microscope looking into my mouth and at the tooth area making sure he caught everything. I have never had a root canal so thorough. Dr. Benjamin also instructed in the types of fillings with pros/cons of each allowing me to choose. At the initial visit to assess the tooth they x-rayed the tooth. He was very upfront telling me the pain could be coming from a hidden root or he could tell once he was in if it was from a broken tooth and that there was no guarantee this would resolve the problem but if something was not done and it was a hidden root I would end up losing the tooth eventually meaning I would also lose my bridge. He allowed me to weigh my options and decide; there was no pressure to do any procedure.

- Debbie G

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Patient Review By Lynn D

I hated to hear the news from my periodontist that I'd need a root canal. Dr. Benjamin accepted me as a patient and I am so grateful! The office staff worked with my schedule to make the appointments for the evaluation and the procedure. Dr. Benjamin explained exactly what he would, how it would solve the problem, what to expect after the procedure and how long the procedure would take. I was stunned when I was in and out of the office in exactly the time he said it would take and experienced absolutely NO pain or discomfort. His assistants are wonderful too. Dr. Benjamin's demeanor and "bedside" manner are outstanding. I'd much rather have a root canal procedure again than any other dental/periodontal work I've have done!

- Lynn D

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Patient Review By Jen C

I've had a history of terrible experiences at dentists until I started going to Dr. Nicole at Donlan Dental Group who has had to refer me to Dr. Fabian twice for root canals and once for an endodontic procedure. Every experience with Dr. Fabian has been great! I've always had a hard time numbing for procedures but have never had that issue with Dr. Fabian. He does great work with as little discomfort to the patient as possible. He has a great, friendly personality and always makes me feel comfortable, informed and like my comfort and results are a priority to him.

- Jen C

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Patient Review By Ben S

Excellent experience. truly rock star root canal docs!

- Ben S

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