Patient Review By Cheri H

Dental work in general gives me a bit of anxiety and I am sure I am not alone. At 51 my warranty seems to have expired on some things including that saucy minx of a tooth #30. Here's the good news! A root canal with Dr. Benjamin was truly nothing, I repeat nothing to be afraid of. I was unique in the case that I had to wait through 2 covid exposures, a case of tmj, an unexpected trip out of town and another appointment to the dentist before getting to Midwest Endodontic. Their front desk staff including Tina were all gems. They checked in with a cancellation possibility and Dr. Benjamin even called me to be sure that I had all that I needed and was ok during my wait. By the time I got there I trusted them to have my best interest at heart and was good to go. With hgtv playing on the ceiling, headphones in my ears and sunglasses covering my eyes, the time in the chair was really so much better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you Dr. Benjamin and his assistant Kili. Sincerely, thank you. I am so relived to have this root canal done and to know should I have to have another, you are around to take care of me. A necessary bit of life are these dental procedures. I put on my big girl pants, walked on in to their office and was leaving within an hour. I am confident you would do the same. Unless you are a man then don't put on your big girls pants but go none the less. 🙂 Bless 🙂

- Cheri H

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