Patient Review By William G

Though I had never had one, I've always used "root canal" as a gauge of how bad something would be. For instance, "I'd rather have a root canal than go to this meeting". However, after this experience I might need to come up with another dreaded phrase. The root canal I had at Midwest Endodontics (at the Galesburg location) was TOTALLY PAINLESS. Except for a very small amount of pain for the numbing shot, I felt no pain whatsoever. For me, having a cavity filled has typically been worse than this procedure. I was in and out in an hour, watched Netflix on a monitor on the ceiling during the procedure, and besides being numb for the next 8 hours, I have had no discomfort after the procedure. My only complaint is that I only got through half of the second episode of "The Office" before they were done. I'll have to watch the other half on Netflix I suppose!

- William G

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